Guild Logo (Guild Commerce)

Coming Soon!

This page will be dedicated to listing all the members of DwB who are tradesmen(and women) who provide services to other DwB. I would hope an expect any DwB member to offer a discount to our own members, if not offer their services for free(with supplies). Please also keep in mind that the Guild does have a monetary fund that can, in some instances cover any costs involved. I am considering a 'Guild Claim Sheet' online for Commerce Members(CM's). This would be so they could immediately provide the service to the member in need, then they would fill out a claim sheet and give to the treasurer, who would compensate the CM from the Guild fund.

Anyone who wishes to become a CM, please email me ( the following information:

Char Name
Guild Rank
Service being offered
What skill level(s) for services(ie..if you are making armor, list your smithing and mining skill levels)
Cost (in gp) to member
Your ICQ#
Your email

As soon as I receive a few requests to post Commerce members' information, I will update this page.