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We strive ourselves to help all "good" people in need. This includes new players("newbies"). The foundations to great new friendships can be found while training with new recruits. We ask all of our members to recruit two people every month. The member is responsible for these new recruits for a period of time to eliminate some of the erroneous recruits. Once the member locates these potential recruits, they are brought to an interviewer. This interviewer inspects their morals, ethics, and experience and make a decision of acceptance based upon this information. Once they are accepted, they pass through a short initiation cermeony at the next full guild meeting and they are then a full member.
Note: All new recruits must have a "sponsor" within the guild.

I want to join! How do I do it?

There are several ways to start the recruitment process. First, you can send an email to to ask for an interview. Or you can ICQ any of the people listed below this paragraph. We ask that anyone who contacts one of our Recruiters, be serious about joining our guild. We ask for a level of committment and dedication.

Azuth - 28976786

Doctor Doom - 46629453

Dr Ricecake - 52289038

Ironman - 98525842

Jules Van Newton - 66102552

Logan - 84252634

New Moon - 65952134

Shouden - 3156500

Sir Charles - 28369193

Wind Wolf - 21482530

Zerric Elderane - 68266578


Meeting times typically are Sunday night at 8:30 o'clock P.M. EST. The meetings are held at either the DwB Tower or DwB Mall in Trammel. All members are expected to show up prompt and prepared.


From Northern Britain mage shoppe in Fellucia, head due East out of Town, follow the road until you reach the swamp. At the swamp, follow the edge of it up until you see mountains. The Tower should be visible and be right in front of you. The Tower is the last Tower going North, above the swamps.


The Guild has a message board which all members are expected to keep up to date on. The password to the message board is changed regularly and is distributed by the Dark Council only to full members.

The URL to the Message Board is:

In addition to this message board, we have one specifically for new recruits. This is to allow communication to other members(or trainers). This board does not require a password.

The URL to the New Recruit Board is: