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SIR DREADNOUGHT was a friend. He was in the first group Shouden put together for DwB on Chesapeake and was very proud of
being a part of our guild's foundation. A former beta player, he enjoyed spending time with new players, showing them the ways of the
game and letting them see what being a Dark Warrior of Britannia was really about. If a guildmember was in trouble and DREAD was in
the game, he was usually among the first to show up to lend a hand. I joined the guild in mid-December 1997, a couple of weeks after
getting into UO. DwB was pretty small (less than a dozen members if I remember right) although we already had a few veteran players and
the Tower. DREAD looked at the new members and decided I needed some help. We'd found out we played at the same time (not many
other DwBers were online when we were around) so he and I went out hunting and adventuring together. He worked to teach me the
Warrior's trade and the fine art of monster-slaying. DREAD was always in the middle of whatever the guild planned and he also managed
to instigate a few fairly hairy stunts on his own. Once he came up with a wild plan to raid an island that was inhabited by a big PK guild and
had talked Shouden into joining him. I'd just logged on that night and was invited along (mostly to watch, being a very green newbie recruit
still). They taught me how to run the boat and what to do if a rescue was needed, we opened a Chat, and I watched the action as they
looted and played hide and seek with the few PKs who were on the island at the time. It was intense, dangerous, fun, and DwB got some
chests crammed full of regs and magic weapons! The player behind DREAD lived in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and was in college when he
was playing. He was proud of his physique and would describe himself at the drop of a helmet - 6'4", 190, into weightlifting and martial
arts, red hair. He quit UO when he graduated and joined the Army, saying he might surprise people and show up again someday. Great
sense of humor, a top hunting companion, a man of honor. he's still missed. SIR DREADNOUGHT was a friend.



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I met IronAngel at his first DwB meeting. He looked damn cool with his fire red hair and the fact he wasn't wearing a robe like most
everyone did back then made him seem even cooler. I talked abit with him over ICQ at first because I was in charge of the recruits and he
was brining in a few recruits. Our first hunt was when Applesmash forgot a rune home when he went to Shame level 4. I had just started
working on magery then so I thought IronAngel was so cool because he could gate! Soon after that I learned he was far cooler then just his
magery skilled showed. We started hunging out together, talking about the FoA, talking about the game, talking about other games, playing
StarCraft, we became good friends out of the game. He wasn't just a good friend to me, he was also liked by most everyone else in the
guild. He was a truly good guy, he spoke his mind often (And what he didn't say up front I got to hear;), and did whatever a friend asked of
him. He was a good UO player and an even better guildmate and friend. I'll miss playing UO with him, fighting dragons in Wind, mining by
Trinsic, or fighting Chaos in town. Whatever we did together was guaranteed to be a great time.
-Leon Knight

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I had been in DwB for a while when Lazarus recruited a woman he had met in the woods, Lysandra Bodwhyn. Although a newbie she
showed herself to be an up and coming member who would be in DwB for a long time. I first learned this when I got together a group to go
and take down a group of PK'ers. When I was split up from the group she took control and although did not kill the PK'ers, they fought
them and forced them to recall.

She built her character powerfully on her way to a DC seat and was one of the most liked and hunted with members of her time. She also
led many fights with DwW and against KoC.

Lysandra was a DC'er till one day she just didn't come on... Then the next... And the next... And so on... Along with Armani, her
dissapearance is a mystery.

Lysandra, we miss you...
-Leon Knight
I remember the day when Laz brought a fair-headed young lady to one of the guild meetings. During the initiation, she was pitted
with Galen against two others, and her potential shined. When I went to help her spar, her skill had already increased dramatically. Other
than being a great warrior, she was also one of the most liked members of the guild. She was always friendly and easy to talk to, until one
day she simply vanished. Wherever you are, I hope all is well Lysandra.
- IronAngel

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Out of all the members reruited when they were a newbie Mole probably did the most, becoming a DC member and holding it for pretty
much his whole UO life plus keeping the guild together through the Dark Times.

I was not around for the early days but I was around for his later ones, and I was glad. Mole was one of the first guys that stuck out when I
joined DwB. He was very cool and willing to help. At a time we had teams in DwB, Mole had taken command of Red team and had
probably the largest one and in the KoC war he fought hard for us.

What most people will remember Mole for though is the treasure hunting he did. Mole created the way we split up loot and was always
willing to do maps no matter what.

Now Mole has left UO and has moved onto something bigger. A guild of his own in AC based on the ideals of DwB. Always a DwB'er at
heart, Mole.
-Leon Knight
As I entered the open arms of DwB for the first time. I searched the room for someone I could strive to be. After much searching my eyes
settled on a man by the name of Mole. At first appearances he was very humble, but he had this class about him I had not found in many
other players of UO. I spent many a night talking with him in my house. Learning all I could from him and sharing with him some of my
many ideas for the guild. We had many a great adventure, and the day I was asked to take his place on the Dark Council was one of my
proudest days in UO.
Upon joining the Dark Warriors of Britannia, I met a quiet man named Mole. Mole, Zan and I would hunt together often, and as
luck would have it, we were all placed on the same team, under Mole's leadership. We would all eventually share a two-story house on an
infamous island as well. Mole was always coming up with new ideas for the guild, and was among the first to have a treasure-hunter. After
many attempts by Zan and me to talk Mole out of quitting UO, we eventually failed, and he left. Mole was one of the most respected in the
guild, and will always be a legend in my mind. I miss you old friend...

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Optimus Rime, my friend before DwB. It's a litte odd how I met and became friends with OP, pure luck I still say. I was at the Counselor's
hall in Brit which used to be a bank and I said a few things to this woman I had just met, when in comes this man, Optimus Rime, who had
a very bad title. ;) He asked me if I'd transfer some stuff for him, so being the nice guy that I am I said sure. What I remember most about
this day was that it was very laggy, didn't help that I had a crappy computer back then. Anyway I beat the lag and got him the stuff to his
other character. We said our thanks and good byes and were off. I did not think much of it.

A few days later I was heading out of Trinsic when who should I meet but Optimus Rime again! We trade ICQ#s and head hunting
lizardmen in the swamp by Trinsic. A few weeks later it was when OP joined DwB. He would tell me every now and then how cool it was
but I was already in a guild.

A while later the guild I was in, LoV, headed by Ionized, fell apart. I was sitting in OP's one room making kite shields for him so he could
buy a one room house by the Tower from a guildmate when he asked me if I was in a guild still. I told him no and that was when he asked
me if I would like to join DwB. I said yes. We are still great friends to this day, even back in the world of UO when if you trusted someone
they could backstab you and you'd lose everything, we still had that friendship.

Although OP is not in the hall of fame for our friendship. No matter what was happening OP was DwB forever and a DC seat holder for a
while. It wasn't untill he was hacked that his UO life was over. But let's get to the happy part. Optimus Rime is now the GuildMaster of one
of the best EQ guilds. It is run by the same ideals and within it's ranks many UO DwB'ers live. I am told by everyone in it that it is truely a
great guild.
-Leon Knight

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I was amazed by the vastness that was DwB. The diversity in its ranks was outstanding to me. A key figure that stood out amongst its
ranks was a man by the name of Sisko. He was a warrior through and through, of kind heart and strong will. His loyalty to DwB is
unmatched, and his knowledge of the UO world was to be commended. I spent many a hour just wandering the woods with this man
learning all I could. I was amazed by the stories of DwB's past greatness and swore on that day that DwB will once again see such days.
Sisko helped to make our war stone fun for all. To a loyal member and a great friend. I wish him all the best.

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Always the quite leader. Zan ruled DwB with a kind of mystical over tone. For the longest time only seeing him during the guild meetings he
remained a icon of DwB's greatness to me. Almost as if he was the embodement of all that is and was DwB. Never losing his temper, and
enforcing the rules set out by our founder, he ruled a guild destined for greatness. What can i say of someone who has been such a good
friend, except I count down the days till we meet agian.
I was lucky enough to meet Zan Faere within my first two weeks of UO. We had a lot in common, such as being fairly new to the
game, and both of us being in newly formed guilds. I would always run into Zan and some of his guildmates in rat/orc valley. (Among them,
I would always run into this quiet guy named Shouden) Whenever orc/rat valley died out, we lost touch for quite a bit of time. It wasn't until
a few weeks after the infamous noto-patch that I finally ran into Zan again. We talked for a while, and he eventually invited me to join
DwB. I could tell Zan was well respected, not only by his high rank, but by the way other members addressed him. Eventually, he took
over for Shouden, and became guildmaster. I will always think of Zan as a great leader, a great friend, and of course, my puppet.

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