Portfolio of Websites I Designed

Dark Warriors of Britannia

DwB was a guild I started in Ultima Online, Chesapeake server. We were one of the largest guilds on our server. The guild charter I wrote is still in use to this day. All Hail DwB!

Fierce Progression

Fierce Progression was a partnership between myself and Liquid Prodigy(Mel Gipson). We were fire performers for hire. We performed at a wedding once, and a couple other small gigs. It was a blast. Unfortunately Mel has disappeared into the void never to be heard from again.

Painting the Sky

Painting the Sky is a collection of pictures cataloging my exploration into the realm of fire performing. The pictures were taken in a variety of locations, however most were taken at Pier 60, Clearwater, Florida. To this day, fire meets still happen at Pier 60 every Saturday night. Nowadays we have the pleasure of enjoying a drum circle.

Orbital Grooves v2

This is an older copy of the OGR website, which unfortunately needs some work to be made semi-active again for public viewing. Perhaps I'll get to this someday. :)


Simul-Cast was another great idea of mine that just never fully got off the ground unfortunately. The idea was to have many Internet radio stations share a common timeframe, taking turns have each station provide the DJ for the show.