CompTIA A+ Certified

Academy of Engineering Technology at Tampa Bay Technical School

Was the first graduating class from the Academy of Engineering Technology at the magnet school I attended. The vocational course taught a wide-range of engineering subjects including engines, electrical, software programming, and machine shop.

Operating Systems

Windows Server:
3.51, 2000, 2003, 2008
. 13yrs Experience
. Group Policies
. Active Directory
. Speed Optimization
. NLB / Clustering

Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS/Red Hat, Solaris, OpenIndiana, FreeBSD, Slackware, Nexenta, Fedora Core
. 9yrs Experience
. Package Mgmt
. Software Compiles
. Minimalization

Desktop Operating Systems:
Mac OS X, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, 3.1, CE, Mobile

Server Software

Mail Servers:
Exchange 2007, Zimbra, Qmail, Postfix, Sendmail

Web Servers:
IIS, Apache, Lighttpd

Database Servers:
MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, BerkeleyDB

Backup Software:
BackupExec, Acronis, NTBackup, Ahsay, mysqldump, batch/BASH script

Anti-virus Software:
McAfee Total Network Protection & SaaS Protection, Norton Anti-virus, Avast, AVG

Microsoft Cluster, Linux Virtual Server (LVS)

Ioncube, eAccellerator, Reverse Proxy

Internet Relay Chat:
Bahamut, UnrealIRCd

Syslog-NG, nsclient, Cacti, Nagios, SCOM

APF, SIM, Samba, NFS, Apache-Protect, Ubersmith, WSUS

Coding Languages

. Expert Proficiency

. Expert Proficiency

MySQL<br> . Expert Proficiency

. Expert Proficiency

. Adv. Proficiency

. Basic Proficiency

. Perl Daemons

. Simple Scripts
. Health Checks

. Knowledgeable
Maxwell A. Rathbone
3206 West Cherokee Avenue Tampa, FL 33611
mr ->at<-

Targeting Systems Administrator

Seeking a position that leverages years of enterprise administration experience including geographically disperse services. Highly organized, efficient, and skilled in administering numerous servers and services.


IT BROADCASTING . Emergency Management & Content Delivery
Systems Administrator . 2011 to Present
Planned and executed datacenter-grade build of server room at main headquarters including power, battery backup, and cooling calculations. Oversaw the migration of all company equipment out of a datacenter to the main headquarters. Worked with Nimble Storage to establish dual SANs with replication to back-end the enterprise virtualization system with VMware. Rebuilt all company servers as VMware Virtual Servers(VM's). Responsible for establishing the Gold Master templating of VM's. Gained knowledge of installation and administration of Cisco Unified Communications 5K video phone system for multiple branch offices and remote VPN employees. Gained knowledge regarding the initial configuration and ongoing support of Cisco 3750X switches, 2800/2900 routers, and ASA firewalls. Learned about Cisco stacks, establishing VLAN's, EIGRP, network security levels, and the use of ASDM to manage the ASA NAT & access rules. Gained additional knowledge on establishing VPN tunnels between Cisco ASA devices. Worked through a ground-up Cisco network build-out for the main headquarters that also included multiple branch offices and a new Cisco TACACS server.

SAGO NETWORKS, LLC. . Datacenter & Wireless Internet Provider
Sr. Systems Administrator . 2005 to 2011
Planned and built the enterprise infrastructure of servers in both datacenters. Also handled the day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of all servers. Planned and executed migration from all open-source software (OpenLDAP, Samba, Mediawiki, Qmail) to a Microsoft enterprise infrastructure (Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint). Responsible for several NAS/SAN units, including a 128TB 'Megavault.' Was responsible for Sago's customer backup solution, SagoSAFE. Wrote custom scripts to handle DNS auditing. Responsible for over 150 corporate servers in multiple datacenters, as well as countless customers' servers. Created multiple PHP/MySQL scripts including an Intrusion Detection System, SNORT monitoring script that blocks problematic IPs across the network, centralized syslog web-based monitoring, and many Ubersmith reports. Also gained additional knowledge of 2.4Ghz wireless point-to-point technologies.

AMERICA ONLINE . Internet & Content Provider
Team Lead . 2002 to 2005
Handled inbound phone support for AOL Broadband customers. Performed senior technician duties for a 12 person team.

ORBITAL GROOVES . Internet Radio Station
Founder . 2001 to 2012
Created Orbital Grooves Radio using self-coded software totaling nearly a million lines of code at its peak. OGR was self-maintaining due to the code I designed, and allowed DJ's from all over the world to connect to and broadcast their music LIVE for all to enjoy. We were privileged in being one of first Internet Radio stations listed on Apple's iTunes. We also were one of the first Internet stations broadcasting with video. I also currently manage multiple customer servers under the OGR business name.

VERTeCOMM . Pre-Paid Calling Card & Wireless Internet Provider
Systems Administrator . 2000 to 2002
Worked as Systems Administrator. In charge of IPAXS pre-paid calling card network, branch office LAN (Network Power Grid, Workstation Maintenance, Server Installation / Maintenance), and company WAN. Planned out WAN upgrade to connect branch offices together. Researched and contributed to business plan for a sub-company that was to setup a wireless internet backbone across the Eastern US using the 2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz spectrum.

ADVANTAGE INT'L . Tech-Shop & Microsoft Certified Partner
On-site Technician . 1999 to 2000
Was titled, 'Master Tech' level, their highest tech-rating. This job entailed fixing a variety of problems, including: downed servers, misconfigured routers, new server builds, building and maintenance of medium-size LAN/WANs. Planning and implementation of network Y2K compliance. Planned and implemented entire network layouts, with and without proxy server technology. Network Layouts included: Physical Wiring Layout (both design &implementation), the building of new workstations, server installation/configuration, software version control, and file version control. Network layout also included optimizing Outlook, with its built-in contact management system, server security permissions, backups, and maintaining of the list of problems that need addressing for every customer.

OASIS TECHNOLOGIES . Dial-up, ISDN, and Frame Internet Provider
Technical Support Manager . 1997 to 1999
Maintained entire computer network with two CISCO 2500 series routers, two Ascend MAX's, two Internet T1's with an additional T1 to GTE's Frame Cloud (with over 30 individual DLCI's), seven in-house servers, and dozens on-site. Managed all technical support for both in-house equipment & on-site customer's computers. The technical support team was comprised of myself and a lvl.1 phone technician whom I managed.

INFOHAUS . Florida's First Internet Coffeehouse
Systems Administrator . 1996
Managed a 10 computer LAN at the first Internet Coffeehouse in the state of Florida. Gained the knowledge setting up an NT server, seting up domain policies & workstation security in a coffeehouse environment, tape backups, troubleshooting a large variety of issues that would come up from many customers utilizing the workstations, and regular maintenance of all computers.


Network Design & Administration
Knowledgeable on the most common Cisco network equipment including routers, firewalls, switches, and WiFi Access Points. Have the experience of multiple holistic enterprise build-outs at datacenters.

Backup & Storage Technologies
Familiar with most backup & storage solutions. Familiar with iSCSI, Fiber Channel, and ZFS. Also familiar with all popular forms of hardware and software RAID.

Virtualization Technologies
Have intimate knowledge of Enterprise-grade VMware Infrastructure. Also have extensive knowledge with a variety of other virtualization platforms, including Virtuozzo, VirtualBox, and HyperV.

Software Programming
Have intimate knowledge with PHP, HTML, and MySQL. Created a shopping cart for Ubersmith datacenter management software that is utilized by multiple datacenters. Wrote a PHP application that handles the management of over 475,000 leads for a local call center. Have extended knowledge of programming in C. Created a VBBS (Voice Bulletin Board System) that extended the ability of a computer to answer the phone and provide private and public message areas.

Also have knowledge of Basic, Visual Basic, Visual C, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and Actionscript.

Computer Hardware
Extremely proficient with nearly all brands of server and workstation hardware as well as troubleshooting hardware related problems. Has experience in low power computing and performance overclocking. Has experience repairing netbooks, laptops, smartphones, and the screens of various electronic devices. Designed a greenhouse controller using Arduino and a WiFi add-on.

Manually Compiling software
Familiar with manually compiling libraries, and applications including: PERL/CPAN modules, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and many common server applications.


There are some personal qualities I have that I believe would be a benefit to any employer. I am trustworthy, highly motivated, maintain a positive attitude and am always eager to learn. I believe in respect. I am extremely dependable and always on-time for work. I will always find a way to get the job done. I have learned to ask the right questions to determine all the parameters and deadlines for a job. I am a self-starter, fast learner, organized, and able to prioritize tasks. I am able to get along with a wide variety of personalities. I understand as an Administrator, my coworker is my customer and always strive to provide 'white-gloves' support.