List of Coding Projects

The Island


This is a series of scripts that I designed using the Nullsoft Installer scripting language. It created self-extracting executable backups of World of Warcraft profile and user interface settings. More people have utilized this creation of mine than any other. The last count had it over 15k people.

IMS Call Center

Here I designed a quick-and-dirty PHP interface that allowed for the quick entry of RoadRunner installation appointments at a cellcenter I worked at. Writing software sure beats making phone calls!


I worked with my father to scrape Google of a massive listing of Guilds.. both in the real world and online. He designed the scraping engine and I designed the PHP front-end searchable interface.

Sanity's Edge

I worked with my father to create Sanity's Edge.. a voice bulletin board designed with the software development kit of a phone board I found laying around in our garage. At its peak there were over a hundred members, many of which were paying!